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19th April 2014

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The Head and the Heart - Fire/Fear (live in KEXP)

I wanna feel the fire again
With you, or anybody else
I wanna feel the fear again
With you, or anybody else

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18th April 2014

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Make me choose meme: anonymous asked allons-y or geronimo

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18th April 2014


Space Needle!

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18th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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This is so important.

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15th April 2014


Waiting to leave from Columbia. Seattle here I come!

Waiting to leave from Columbia. Seattle here I come!

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15th April 2014

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To think that some people don’t see a problem with society is disturbing

it’s not just disturbing, it’s fucking scary. 

Y’all “rape culture doesn’t exist” preachers can fuck RIGHT off

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14th April 2014

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asheville adventures from the fall. which i’m not sure i ever posted photos of but since i’m going through my pictures anyways, here they are! 

 asheville was wonderfully mountain-y and happy. 

Asheville is one of my favorite places on Earth! Everyone should go

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13th April 2014

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When The Avengers hit theaters almost two years ago, a lot of people made fun of Hawkeye and Black Widow because they were regular human beings teamed up with a super-soldier, a man in a flying metal fighting suit, a giant green monster with unimaginable strength, and a god. And it’s true that Hawkeye seemed like he existed primarily as a plot point, but Black Widow, now, she kicked ass and showed some serious depth as a character.

If you’re still skeptical, try thinking of Black Widow this way: She’s an human being without super powers. She’s an amazing athlete with serious expertise in several martial arts. She dresses in black, and wears a belt. She sometimes uses gadgets. She’s incredibly stealthy. Some seriously bad things have happened to her in the past. She doesn’t always exactly follow the law. Sound familiar?

I’m not saying that the Widow is precisely a female version of Batman – there are many obvious differences, most prominently her use of guns and willingness to kill. But I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who scoffed at the Widow’s presence in The Avengers would never dream of saying anything of that sort about Batman. The fact is that Black Widow, as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a terrific character who absolutely belongs with the more conventional superheroes.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Black Widow has a much bigger role in this film than she’s had before, and you get to see just how multifaceted her character really is, as well as see her kick some more very serious ass. In movies, she’s the best argument there has been so far that calling characters like her “female superheroes” or “superheroines” is just silly: she, and they, are superheroes; the fact that they’re female really isn’t relevant.

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